Best Home Security – Here are some useful Tips

Best Home Security
Best Home Security
Best Home Security
Best Home Security

What is the best home security so that you prevent burglary in your home ? It is a big problem in United States with increasing number of burglaries every year.

For those who have experienced burglaries in their homes, it is a really bad experience to see their homes after a burglary and in some cases also vandalized. It creates insecurity, and for many it can also cause trouble sleeping at night.

So what is the best home security, so that you prevent burglary in your home ?


Here are some good tips to avoid burglaries in your home

Best Home Security – Relief help

Effective neighboring assistance is one of the most important issues. If you are out of town, or just away for a short period, talk to your nearest neighbors, if they can  watch your home.

If you are traveling, arrange with one or more neighbors to clear the mailbox, water the flowers, fill in the waste bin, hit the grass, and other things that make your home look livable.

You can also have your neighbor to use your clothes line when you are away, so the home is habitable.

An effective neighboring aid significantly reduces the risk of burglary and is perhaps the most important tip to avoid burglary.

Therefore, do you not already have neighborly help, so get together the residents or the property’s residents and get an effective arrangement.

A side benefit is that it also provides a better social contact with your neighbors.

Best Home Security – Locks

Get a lock on your doors, where you need a key to get in and out of your home. This makes it difficult for the thief to get out with the thief costs.

Furthermore, the lock should not sit at kicking height, as the tire can easily be destroyed if the thief tries to kick the frame. In addition, you should reinforce the frame of your home with a long metal case. Exterior doors should have two locks.

Good and safe locks are drill protected and have high copy and copy security.

Best Home Security – Light

A dark house is often a good indicator of no-one’s home.

Your dwelling should therefore always be inhabited, even if you are not home. In particular, there must be light in the evening. Therefore use switch on / off switches so that there are lights in the rooms where there is usually light. These switches can be disposed cheaply and is a very good investment.

If you live in a house, outdoor lighting with on / off sensor is a good means to the thief. When the outdoor light turns on, the house works and if you have provided neighborly help, this will help neighbors better to discover uninvited guests on time.

Best Home Security – Windows on the ground floor

These windows are light burglary roads, and often the thieves’ favorite entries are window shutters and patio doors. Therefore, you should ensure that your windows are in good and solid condition. Take care of, that they can not easily be broken up.

You should make sure that all your windows have solid hasps and preferably with locking devices or special fuse fuses. If a window is particularly exposed, you can advantageously plant a shrub just in front of the window, which will make it more difficult for a burglar.

Best Home Security – Basement windows

You should ensure your basement windows extra, as they are a clear burglary way. If they can not be opened, you can tighten them with angle brackets and / or provide them with iron bars or grids.

Best Home Security- Valuables

If you have something of high value in your home, then you should place your valuables so that they are not visible from the windows. Ensure that easily negotiable valuables such as computers, flat screens and designer furniture can not be seen from the outside.

Best Home Security – Car

When holding a car parked in the car port or in front of the house, the burglar often thinks you are home. Therefore, when you are away, make an agreement that the neighbor carries his car in front of your house.

Best Home Security – Garden tools

Do not let your garden tools or ladders be freely promoted so the thief can use them to gain access to the house. Lock your garden tools inside the basement or outhouse, and lock the ladder firmly.

Best Home Security – Alarm

Get a professional alarm and with a loud siren. Secondly, the burglary stresses and, even though the thief knows that the security guards do not come right away, it is also important if you have an efficient and well-functioning neighboring relief scheme.

Best Home Security – Social Media

Beware of status updates while on vacation, with a picture of the check-in at the airport or a colored drink that indicates you are on vacation. The thieves also keep an eye on the social media to detect those who are on vacation.

Hope you have become more aware of the question – best home security at your home ? and if you follow the above tips to avoid burglary, you are a big step closer to that the burglary going away from your home without entering your home.