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Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Best Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

The popularity of extensive outdoor lighting has increased after people have found out about the opportunities of especially LED and solar technology, which has helped lighting big areas in a more efficient and cost-effective way.


Modern outdoor lighting systems are nowadays in most cases low-voltage and often include a light fixture, transformer, and a power cable. Within a lot of different outdoor lighting options available on the market today, you are able to find both fixed and transportable outdoor lighting
solutions, which can be used not only for illuminating the outdoor space but certainly also for creating a great and cozy atmosphere for the family.


You and your family can really enjoy your outdoor areas after dark when you have the right outdoor lighting. Illuminating the outdoor space not only helps you and your family to move around your space after dark safely, illuminating paths and changes in level, it can also help to create an atmosphere for socializing or dining.


And with nowadays where you have such a variety of designs on offer, garden lighting can become an appealing feature to improve modern or more classic garden styles.


So whether you want a permanent outdoor lighting solution, or a solution where you can be put up and take down as and when you need them, you can find a lot of different lighting options, that can satisfy you and help you to make the most of your outdoors space.


What area do you want to light up ?

The area where you need outdoor lighting often defines what kind of lighting type, that will work best in your area. So, if for example you are looking to light up a garden route, this would need navigational to light up that helps people stay to walk safe and in an easy way to be able to follow the garden route, instead of an appealing alternative that might only provide light for a part of the garden route.

Therefore, you have to consider about your area, and how you want to use it to form your lighting style.


Do you want your outdoor lights to be transportable ?

When you have to decide whether you want to be able to move your outdoor lighting around, the power source plays an important part in your decision.

Fixed outdoor electrical lights need to be connected to the mains making them a very good option if you want outdoor lighting close to your house. On the other hand candle lights, battery or solar-powered lighting items have no restrictions and can be moved around as
you like.

So, if the area, where you want outdoor lighting is an area away from your house, or you want to be able to change your outdoor lighting based on what you are doing, then maybe you should consider a transportable outdoor lighting solution.


More tips for your outdoor lighting

As mentioned Outdoor lights can not only add functionality and safety to your outdoor area but also completely change the space and overall atmosphere in your outdoor area making it ideal for great time with your family and friends and giving your homestead a more finished and
stylish look.

If you simply need some extra light near the entrance door, garage, barn, or gateway, it is obvious to choose a lamp or any suitable light fitting by yourself.

But if you want to create a more comprehensive outdoor lighting system with different types of light fixtures properly located around your house and smartly spread out through your outdoor area, then it sometimes can become a real challenge, if you are a beginner in planning and creating outdoor lighting.

Of course, you can ask for some expert for help with your outdoor area, but why not try to make your own personal outdoor lighting style by following some of the outdoor lighting tips below:

  • Often it can be a good idea to use a multi-dimensional lighting strategy implementing different types of light fixtures giving light in various directions.


  • Entrance lights not only gives you comfort and safety but it can also emphasize a beautiful entrance door, and making it the decoration of the house entrance. Wall-mounted fixtures and footlights could be a great option for the entrance of your house.


  • If you need to navigate through your garden or yard at night-time, it is important to install several stakes or post light, with good clear lighting along the paths and walkways and near gateways.


  • If you have a beautiful garden do not forget about accent lights that will highlight architecture, plants, and water elements in your garden. Very often this kind of lights are hard-wired lamps or wireless fittings installed on the ground level and directed upward or placed higher and directed downward.


  • If you want to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your garden, then it is often a good idea to use gentle lights around decks, patios, and terraces, illuminate the pool, and decorate alcoves and garden dining areas with string lights.


  • Nowadays safety with your home is always a priority, and to add safety to your home, you can place several motion-sensor floodlights on exterior walls and on the fence.


Types of outside garden lights:

Outside lights come in many types. The most common types of outdoor lighting are:

  • Task Lighting, which is typically used for practical solutions. For example, on stairs, paths, for areas where you prepare foods and others.
  • Decorative Lighting is not always for the visual appeals, because it can also provide a great atmosphere whenever you are having dinner and drinks outside in your garden together with family and friends.
  • Accent lighting is very useful if you want to highlight something in your outdoor area. You can choose to focus the highlight on the areas where you want to get peoples attention like some beautiful trees, plants or sculptures. It can also help, if you want to getting the attention away from some more unattractive things such as clotheslines.


Halogen or LED Lights :

If you plan to install outdoor lighting in your garden, then it is most common that you either use halogen lights or LED lights.

  • Halogen lights are typically most used for the landscapes in your garden. This type of light produces a yellow light and utilizes more energy.
  • LED lights produces typically pure white light which is often more proper for landscapes. LED lights are also more cost effective and is not hot to touch as halogen lights.


Outdoor lights can either be powered by solar energy or electricity:

Solar Energy:

Solar energy is a green power resource, making it better for the environment. Solar powered outside garden lights will be charged during the day and used at night.

Solar-powered outdoor lights don’t need any wiring as they store the sunlight energy in a battery, which is activated once the sun goes down. Due to the improvement in technology, solar lights are nowadays much more powerful and last longer than they once did, so there’s no need to buy any outdoor lights to keep in reserve or worry about whether the solar powered lights will last into the night.

Solar-powered batteries only need to be replaced if they stop working, so once you have bought a solar-powered outdoor light, you simply place it wherever it suits you, and you don’t need to think more about it.

However, you should be aware of, that solar energy lights are not as bright as electric lights. This means that solar powered energy it is not appropriate, if you need lights for highlighting areas in your garden.

Electrical lighting

Mains power gives your garden consistent and unbroken lighting, which will burn brightly and for as long as you want it to. Being a permanent fixture, it has to be fixed into place and be properly fitted.

Electricity is the best choice for your outdoor area if you need more elegance. Most often, you will need a transformer where the outdoor lights will be plugged in.

If you want to install several outdoor lights then you will also need more transformers to avoid blowing up the electrical fuse.

Electrical lights need cables and wiring, so you need to ensure that you know how to install it or ask a professional to do it.


Different kind of Bulbs

Before buying your solar or electric powered lighting, it is also a good idea to consider the type of bulbs you want:

Incandescent light bulbs

A cost effective light bulb is the incandescent based bulbs, which works by heating a wire filament until it is so hot that it glows with a visible light – With this option it means that it will take a few seconds to reach full brightness.

The incandescent bulbs are the least energy efficient of all light bulbs and have shorter lifetimes than other options. Incandescent light bulbs can also get quite hot over time, so if
you have children or pets make sure that you only choose lighting that is out of reach to avoid injury.

Halogen light bulbs

Halogen light bulbs offer an energy saving of 20% compared to incandescent light bulbs and reach full brightness instantly. Halogen light bulbs are also better for the environment, but like incandescent bulbs, they have a short lifetime and get hot when used for extended periods.

LED light bulbs

LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs save 90% more energy and will last about 30% longer than incandescent light bulbs.

LED light bulbs offer full brightness instantly so you don’t have to wait for full illumination and aren’t made from dangerous materials so can therefore easily be disposed of safely.


How to install outdoor garden lights

As mentioned outdoor lights provide you lots of benefits. It can brighten your pathway, prevents burglary and lets you see who ring your doorbell. The visual effects of garden lights can be amazing if the lights are put up the right way. But be aware of, that before you start
installing outdoor lights by yourself, it is very important to always stay safe.

Therefore, If you want to install electrical outdoor lighting – or lighting in general – then don’t forget to switch off the main power at the electrical fuse box. Switch off the breaker and attach a note at the box to let anyone who enter the box know that you are working on the electrical circuit.

It is a good thing to use a socket tester to verify if all the circuits are already dead, making it safe for you to work on. It is important, that you never take risks when it comes to electrical safety.

If you set up your gardening lights by yourself it is generally recommended installing a low-voltage system that use 12 volts. This kind of electrical system is easier to install, safer, more inexpensive and does not use too much energy. This kind of electrical system involves four
basic components which are the transformer, lights, low-voltage electrical cable and accent fixtures.

When you are installing a typical lighting system it will usually consist of three major steps. First, you need to put the cable on the ground, second install the transformer and lastly connect the lights.

Outdoor garden lights can set the right atmosphere of your outdoor area. Further outdoor lights can make your garden look more special and creative. Garden lights can also be used as Christmas decors.

Therefore, it is often a very good investment to choose the best garden lights that are suitable on your budget and your taste. For low power consumption to save money on your energy consumption, the perfect choice is LED or solar powered lights.