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The Best Buy From Philips Hue – Smart Hub Bridge Review

Best Buy From Philips Hue, Philips Hue white A19 starter Kit

Using smart powered houses have increased throughout the recent years, and due to this issue also smart lighting at private homes is also on the rise. The Phillips Hue system is an ever popular lighting system that has got the attention of many of people, when we want to operate with our smart powered homes.

Nevertheless, instead of just making use of these smart lights for general lighting there are also many other different great things we can use these smart lightnings for in our homes.

The creators of the Phillips hue system have made it possible for a variety of developers to create various Applications that associate to the Philips Hue system. With these different Apps, many features have been developed to the Philips Hue system, hence allowing its people of the devices to have fun and benefit from the experiences of having the Phillips Hue system.

The best buy from Philips Hue – What is Philips Hue

If anyone has to think of one brand that is associated with smart lighting products, it could very well be the Philips Hue system. Using its color-changing lighting and application control, the Philips Hue system has been the first mover to really show what could be done with smart lights.

The Philips Hue has due to their smart lighting system expanded dramatically in the past couple of years, in both reputation and quantity of available products.

The Philips Hue system can be your individual wireless lighting setup that allows you to easily manage the lights in your home, and be able to create the ideal environment for any moment, and providing your smart home to life with the most connected light in the world.

The Philips Hue system mixes brilliant and energy-effective LED light with user-friendly technology. The Philips Hue system can together with the light, the bridge and the smart controls forever change the way you control and experience lighting in your home.

The Philips Hue lighting system works in combination with iOS and Android applications in order to change color or white stages depending on your state of mind. It can additionally be related to other Internet of Things products to turn on, off or change the lighting effects look by using your home network. Subsequently, the Philips Hue system creates a wide number of smart LED lighting that offering a mix of colors and effects that you can regulate remotely.

Another advantage using the Philips Hue system is, that LEDs endure much more for a longer time than other kinds of lighting, and also take reduced electricity, as well. Philips Hue lighting also incorporate with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit (among many different smart home platforms), so you have a great deal of possibilities to transform the lights in a way you enjoy.

There are numerous bulbs and lighting products in the range of the Philips Hue system, and they are all linked to your network with a Philips Hue Bridge – a small, connected hub that is wired to your network router and wireless controls the lights. This is usually located as part of a Philips Hue starter kit – You can read more about
the Philips Hue Starter kit – Click Here 


The best buy from Philips Hue – How to use the Philips Hue system

Once you purchase the Philips Hue system you can get up and running with the system by simply preceding these kinds of 4 straight forward actions:

1) – Run the light sources – If you own a Philips Hue starter kit, put the bulbs into your established lighting fittings and switch on your wall lighting buttons. For other Philips Hue lighting fixtures, such as Philips Hue lightstrip plus, you only need to plug all of them in and switch them on. Simply as that.


2) – Put up your bridge – After that you connect in your Philips Hue Bridge and it will help you to instantly provide power up your system. Plug in the Philips Hue bridge to your Wi-Fi device making use of the network wire delivered. Then wait for the three signals to come and when the lights are on, you are ready to run.

As pointed out generating the Philips Hue system to work you need a Philips Hue Bridge and at minimum one bulb. In this case, you may be much better off purchasing a Philips Hue
starter kit. These types of starter kits begin at about $ 50 for a set accomplished with a Bridge and two White lights, but you will likely pay more if you desire the heat range or color switching bulbs, or a kit that works with a lighting switch.

Make sure you buy the newer square Bridge, as this is the latest model that’s suitable with the HomeKit; the older circular Bridge is not. You can read more about the Philips Hue bridge below.


3) – Download your Philips Hue App – Now you download the application for Philips Hue in the App Store or Google Play Store. After this you then connect to the Philips Hue bridge, and get hold of your lights. And there you have it, absolute straight forward and simple to set up, and then you have the Philips Hue system attached.

After you are associated, just open up the Philips Hue app (Android or IOS) and stick to the on-screen guidance to detect your Philips Hue Bridge. As soon as you are linked, you can apply your bulbs, and again it is really simple to set up, if you just follow the easy guidance.

For example, you can have added lights requested into areas, that furthermore behave as
groups – also you can fast switch all the light bulbs on or off in one location and numerous other things.


4) – Have fun around and discover your Philips Hue system – Right now that your Philips Hue system is up and working, it is time to get familiar with the opportunities of
your Philips Hue system. Philips Hue combines with Smartthings, which provides you full control through the app.

It is totally integrated with other smart home kits in the privacy of your home, which means that you can easily also automatize your Philips Hue lights with each of the other smart home kit that you’ll have in your home.

Notice that the smartThings just identifies Philips Hue lights, and can’t work with the switches or movement sensor. But there is a workaround about this subject, and that is to trigger smartThings products to function when they discover a Philips Hue light is turning on or off.

As an example, in case the movement sensor transforms on a lamp fixture, smartThings can subsequently change on a main light which is using a different system. In order to find out with all the functions of the Philips Hue system, it is very much a matter of understanding the different features by simply just playing with the system.

Therefore, simply continue to investigate the functions of the Philips Hue application or download and use some third party applications and learn new ways to work with the light in your home. And when you are ready, you can expand your lightning system to enjoy Philips Hue even more.


Here you can view a video of the Philips Hue system

Best Buy From Philips Hue - Philips Hue Smart Hub Bridge
Best Buy From Philips Hue - Philips Hue Smart Hub Bridge

Best Buy From Philips Hue – Philips Hue Smart Hub Bridge

This Philips Hue Bridge allows you to connect up to 50-Lights for enhanced customizable lighting. The Philips Hue Smart Bridge is the heart of your Philips Hue system, and the Philip Hue Bridge works with HomeKit for Apple iPhone integration. You can also through the Philips Hub bridge control your lights with the Siri voice control.

With the Philips Hue bridge, you can expand your Philips Hue ecosystem and control your lights remotely or link them up to the rest of the internet, news feeds or even to your own inbox.

The Philips Hue system is a fantastic light system, if you want everything automated, scheduled and online. This is exactly what the Philips Hue Bridge can deliver to you. You can for example you can use the bridge to pair a number of Philips Hue lights together, and with the Philips Hue bridge you are able to play with both with white and color lights. You can
further set up the Philips Hue Bridge with a daily timer, and/or combine it with an alarm in the morning.

All the routines of the Philips Hue Smart Hub Bridge are set up easily and work daily! The Philip Hue bridge comes with it’s own routines, that you can choose from or you can create your own schedule. This Philips Hou bridge truly gives you all sort of control over your lighting and mood in your home.

Further you will not have to worry about the lights in whatever room you need, and the Philips Hue bridge also gives a sense of safety, because you can control the lights when you are away from home, and the Philips Hue bridge also helps you save energy as well.


Summary of Philips Hue Smart Hub Bridge

  • This Philips Hue Smart Hub bridge can add up to 50 Philips Hue lights of your choice. With Philips Hue smart hub bridge you are also able to make voice control with
    Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant.
  • This Philips Hue Smart Hub bridge is the heart of your Philips Hue system, and this Philips hub bridge also enables you to control all of your Philips Hue products via
    the Philips Hue app. Even when you’re away from home, then you just need to have connection to the internet, and you are via the Philips Hue smart hub bridge in full
    control of your lights at home.
  • With this Philips Hue Smart Hub bridge you can enhance your Philips Hue system by setting timers and alarms, and connecting to a variety of apps, dimming the lights and
    many more features. (This cannot be used with conventional dimmers – You need the Philips Hue System).
  • With this Philips Hue Smart Hub bridge you can easily expand your Philips Hou lighting system with accessories (sold separately), such as a Hue Dimmer Switch, Hue Tap, or Hue Motion Sensor. You can also pair it for automation with your existing Nest or SmartThings system. Further you can control your lights by connecting the Philips
    Hue Hub bridge to your router with the included network cable. This box also includes one Philips Hue Hub, power adapter, manual, and two-year warranty.


Product facts – Philips Hue Smart Hub Bridge

  • The Philips Hue Smart Hub bridge has a maximum 50-bulbs per bridge.
  • The Philips Hue Smart Hub bridge is Zigbee light link protocol 1.0 certified.
  • The Philips Hue Smart Hub bridge is Desktop or wall mounted.
  • The Philips Hue Smart Hub bridge has software upgrades available.


Should I choose the Philips Hue system ?

There’s no doubt in my mind, Philips Hue has the widest array of smart bulbs, the greatest third-party support and the broadest number of controllers. All bulb brings high-quality light and is fast to respond.

While Philips Hue could be a little more costly when compared to some of its smart bulb competitors, but it is money well spent. If you don’t wish to mess around with the wiring in your home, then the Philip Hue system will be the smart lighting system to buy for your home.

Check the Philips Hue Smart Hub Bridge and reviews at Amazon


Check the Philips Hue Smart Hub Bridge and reviews at Amazon