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Ring Home Security Camera System Review

Ring Home Security Camera System Review
Ring Home Security Camera System

Home security system’s have already been available for many years, offering an effective way to have your home watched for intrusions and emergency situations while you are away from your home or sleeping. Very often standard home security systems requires professional installation, sometimes rather expensive subscription plans, and long-term agreements that lock you in to the security service.

But according to developments in sensors and other smart home technology, the situation of home security systems has changed significantly during the recent years. Due to this improvement it is now possible to set up a professionally monitored home security system by yourself at your property in a very short time.

With the new home security systems you are also able to easily move the security system along with you if you move to another house or apartment. Further the security plans for the new home security systems is much cheaper than you see for the traditional home security plans.

Ring is possibly better known for its video doorbell systems, that not only let you speak to visitors at your front door, even when you are not at home, but also via video recording even can be used to help to identify and catching any unwanted visitors to your home – You can read more about Ring Video doorbell system – Click Here

Therefore it makes logical sense that the Ring company has developed its motion-sensing camera doorbell technology throughout to a security camera which can offer a much broader range of view outside your home.

This is precisely that feature, that the Ring Home security camera system offers to you – the Ring Floodlight Camera, a camera with a floodlight connected that lights up anytime the systems sensor detects some motion in front of your home.


Installation and setup of the Ring Home Security Camera System

Installation features:

  • Hardwired mains power only (100-240V).
  • Does not require professional installation.
  • In-range Wi-Fi required (2.4GHz band only).
  • Weather-resistance (-28C to 48C operation).
  • Unlike some other outdoor security cameras, the Ring Floodlight Cam only works on mains power and doesn’t have a wire-free battery option.

If you want install the Ring camera yourself, I can recommend, that you download the Ring app (available for iOS and Android) and the app will help you with the installation process. In the Ring app, there are a couple of short installation help videos, which can support you to get the Floodlight Camera easily mounted and installed on your wall the right way.

Besides from the cost of Rings Home Security Camera System, Ring’s big advantage for their Alarm system is its user-friendly set up. Even though Rings home security camera system has all the necessary features for a good home security system – with professional monitoring, battery and cellular backup for the occasion of a power loss – then you can install the Ring home security camera system in less than 30 minutes when you follow the Ring app’s instructions to get the base station connected to your Wi-Fi network and register each included piece of the system.

A smart thing is, that Ring presets the included motion detector, contact sensor, and range extender to pair with the hub that is in the box. Therefore, getting them set up is just a matter of pulling the battery tab to wake them up and then just wait a short time for the app to find the items on the internet.

Installing the Rings home security camera systems sensors is also easy – You can use the included double-sided tape to install the contact sensor to your front door and the motion sensor to a corner of your homes living room.

In the Ring security system package you also have the necessary screws and wall fasteners, if you need a more permanent installation, but the double sided tape will also be adequate for many needs.

Ring says that it will send any additional devices if you order at the same time as the Ring Alarm system, which will make setting them up as smooth as the in-box sensors.

When the security camera is connected – you can use the app to set-up and connect it to your home network – then click “set up device” and the app will then ask you to select which Ring product you want to add, then to confirm your location. The app will look for your home network, so you can connect it to the internet.

The Rings home security camera system only works on the 2.4GHz band, because it gives a broader and longer-distance range. Your wifi home router will properly be inside your home, and you don’t have to worry about, if the system constantly will be using of your bandwidth, because Rings home security camera system will only use data when it detects motion or when you are viewing a live stream.


Design and features of Ring Home Security Camera System

  • 12 cm diameter mounting plate.
  • Adjustable setting for the right placement.
  • Dual LED floodlights (3000 Kelvin coloring temperature).

Even with comprising a camera and two dual floodlights, the Ring camera has a relatively compact installation plate, so you are sure to be able to get it connected to your wall in a very simple way.

The camera component is rather large and is found at the bottom of the mounting plate. It is supported with the two LED floodlights which has an output at 3000 Kelvin, which places the lights in the hot lighting group and is ideal for outdoor use.

Both the Ring camera and the LED lights can have their positions adjusted so you are sure to get the very best field of view. Further this Ring camera and lights can resist temperatures from -20C to 48C, so it will capable of withstanding the most changing weathers.


Ring Home Security Camera – Motion zones – Custom-made motion tracking

One of the primary reasons why you should buy a Ring Home Security Camera is for its motion detection. The Ring Camera system has a two-tier detection, which means that the camera system can identify between objects and people.

The passive infra-red sensors are as a starting point more sensitive to objects, such as cars and animals, but you are able to change the settings so the sensors are less sensitive and only send notification to your smartphone, when it detects people.

As with the Ring Video Doorbell system, you can also with the Ring Home Security Camera set motion zones. You can set the motion zones within the Ring app and it allows you to set areas for the camera to search out for any movement.

The app also allows you to reduce the standard zone so it doesn’t constantly go off and send you notifications every time a car drives past your house or the regular dog walkers go by in the early mornings. Many people prefer to set the motion zone just in the driveway, so you are only notified when people is walking through the driveway and come to the front door.

You can also set motion schedules from the Ring app, which can be used to turn off the motion notifications during a certain time period or/and on certain days. If you for example know you are going to be at home all day on a Monday, so you are around to answer the door the whole day, then you can set the camera to disable motion for the entire day to save you having to manually turn off notifications.


Ring Home Security Camera – Live video streaming and recording

The Ring Home Security Camera has these streaming and recording features:

  • 270 degree angle-of-view from ultra-wide lenses.
  • Captures 1080p (Full HD) footage upon detection.
  • Saves clips to the cloud for future reference.
  • The Ring Floodlight Cam records Full HD 1080p video – both when streaming live and when it detects motion – and saves a clip to the cloud for future reference.

The quality is very good and colors are natural and movement is smooth. The range of view is really good too.

Night-time quality does take a dip in quality, but the addition of the two bright floodlights helps a lot to provide light for a good share of the view so you can still see what is going on. Depending on where you have your camera and lights installed, it will determine how much of an area you can see at night.


Ring Home Security Camera – communication

  • Two-way communication via the app.
  • 110dB alarm siren.

Just the same way as you can do with Ring Video Doorbell system, you are also with the Ring Home Security Camera system able talk with any visitors at your home, whether you want to let them know you are away or tell them where they can go if they are unwanted.

Sound quality from the Ring Home Security Camera is also very good and loud.

The built-in microphone is able to pick up sound from visitors from a long distance too. So if the distance between the camera and your front door is quite far, then you are still able to hear people perfectly when speaking to them through the app.

If you are away from home and you discover unwanted guests near your property, not only will they be brightened up by the floodlights, but you can also make the rest of your neighborhood aware of their presence by activating the built-in siren. It is a very effective way to scare any unwanted guests off and wake the neighbors so they can find out what is leading to the activated floodlights and siren noise.


Ring Home Security Camera – Subscription costs

  • 30 days free access to automatic cloud-save.
  • $3/month / $30/year thereafter ($10/$100 respectively for multiple Ring product setup).
  • Functions without subscription, minus cloud-saving.

Ring offers 24 / 7 professional monitoring of the Ring Home Security Camera system through its Protect Plus service, which will automatically notify authorities and emergency services, if the system discover a problem at your home.

The service will notify you and other emergency contacts you have set up via your smart phone and then dispatch emergency personnel as needed.

Though the Ring Alarm will provide push notifications to your mobile device without the additional monitoring service, then if you have the service, it will ensures that emergency services are deployed automatically regardless if you see the push notifications or not, that is sent to you.

Every time the Floodlight Camera detects motion, it will send a notification to your phone, so you can straight away click into the live view and see what has caused the notification. The camera will also record a clip of the motion and save it to the cloud for you, so you later can access the video clip through your Ring account if needed – either through the app or on a computer.

You get 30 days free access to the video recording plan, but after this time is up you’ll need to pay a subscription in order to use the cloud-save feature. If you just have one Ring product, then you can pay $3 per month or $30 a year. This subscription fee is very cheap compared to other similar services. For example ADT, one of the largest traditional home security services, has plans that starts around $30 per month and requires a three-year commitment.

Alternatively, if you plan on getting several Ring devices then you can have Ring Protect Plus service, and pay $10 per month or $100 a year to have all of them covered.

In addition, Ring’s Protect Plus service includes unlimited cloud storage for Ring’s various doorbell and security cameras, so if you have a Ring Camera Doorbell or outside Ring camera already installed, you don’t need to pay a separate fee to get the most out of it.


Check out the quick video below to see the Ring Home Security Camera system in action:

My Conclusion of the Ring Home Security Camera review



  • No integration with other smart home devices.

The Ring Home Security Camera system is one of the best outdoor security cameras compared to quality and price. The Ring Home Security Camera system records great quality video both during the day and at night, and is also offering an effective and clear two-way communication.

The Ring Home Security Camera system brings classic security features into the modern tech world and the system does a great job of detecting and notifying you of any potential threats through the Ring app – including scaring them away with the built-in alarm system.

Therefore my conclusion is that the Ring Home Security Camera system provides an easy way to add a professionally monitored security system to your house or apartment for a cost that is significantly less than other security options. Ring Home Security Camera is a great home security system.

Check The Ring Home Security Camera System and reviews at Amazon


Check The Ring Home Security Camera System and reviews at Amazon