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Best Buy From Ring – Ring Wifi Video Doorbell Review

Best Buy From Ring - Ring Wifi Video Doorbell Review
Ring Wifi Video Doorbell

Best buy from Ring – How Ring Wifi video doorbell Works

The Ring wifi video doorbell works with a simple principle. A person presses your Ring doorbell, and the signal runs through your WiFi network, upwards into Ring’s cloud servers, and then right back to your smartphone. As soon as you open up your phone notification and enter the Ring app, you can see the person at the door, and even speak to the person in a two-way conversation.

You can see the person, but the person is not able to see you and this function is what makes the Ring Dorbell Camera powerful as a home security device. Whether or not you are inside of your home, at work, or on vacation, the Ring wifi video doorbell system is created to let you always be able to answer the person at the door.

This is very useful, if it happens that a sketchy person comes to your door asking for “charitable contributions,” then you can compliment his nice request, and tell the person, that you are too busy to come to the door right now. If it is a person with bad intentions, the person will never know that you are actually out of your home, and will with high probability walk away from your home.


Best buy from Ring – Ring Wifi video doorbell installation

One thing we have to give the Ring products: ordering and installation the Ring system is super easy through the whole process. You order the Ring doorbell camera you want on the internet, and the order arrives in a compact box with the doorbell camera and almost everything you need to install the Ring Video doorbell system. You will only need your own power drill if your wall is of stone or cement.

If you do have a masonry or stone wall, it will require, that you drill four holes for anchors. But if you have wood or siding, in the place, where you want to place the Ring Video Doorbell, you can manage it without doing any drilling.

The installation tools, that is included with Ring doorbell system:

– Charging cable.
– Screwdriver bit and drill bit.
– Mounting bracket.
– Screws and anchors.
– Level (mini).

Ring has set up guides and installation videos for all of its products, including all its Video Doorbells. The videos are easy to understand and make it clear and easy to make the installation of your Ring Video doorbell.

Further the Ring doorbell also works as a regular doorbell, even without its camera function.

With the Ring doorbell system you can use a rechargeable battery for both the Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell 2 models, but you also have the option to hardwire your Ring video doorbell.

If you choose the rechargeable battery, you have to either disable the door bell every time it needs a charge of battery or buy an extra battery. Ring uses special screws that require a specific screwdriver head to remove, when changing the battery. It comes in the package with the camera, but even so, you have to find that specific screwdriver every time you need to replace a battery.

In my opinion hard-wiring is more reliable and all-around easier, so do that if you are able to.

The Ring wifi video doorbell system can be hardwired to your existing doorbell’s electric leads, but if you don’t have any doorbell at all, then you can consider to use the doorbells internal battery, which is charged with a USB cable (just like any typical mobile device), and is estimated to last one year between each charges.

Pulling off the doorbell for recharging is a simple matter of removing two screws with the special tool that Ring provides, and then moving the Ring doorbell off a backing plate. It is very easy to work with.

The backing plate is designed to be installed on wood, brick, concrete, stucco, and aluminum siding, and as mentioned the Ring doorbell kit includes installation parts, so you get providing with everything you will need.

Further Ring has a fantastic service, that they will replace stolen doorbells free of charge, as long as you provide a police report.


Best buy from Ring – How to monitor the Ring Wifi video doorbell

From a user point of view, the Ring wifi video doorbell device is as easy to use as any other doorbell. A press of the doorbell button gives you a nice three-toned bell sound from the panel, and a blue LED light that rotates in a ring around the button, shows that the doorbell has been activated.

The chime activates on the smart phone through the app within about five seconds after the press button of the Ring Doorbell has been activated.

The Ring system also offers an extra chime indoor speaker accessory that you can purchase separately. This indoor speaker connects to any standard outlet and will sound all through your home like a more traditional doorbell. This could be very useful as an addition, especially if not everyone in the household has the Ring app installed. However, adding additional users to your Ring account is easy.

Once you have the Ring doorbell camera installed, you manage the feed yourself by using the Ring app on your smartphone. The camera will send push notifications to your phone whenever its motion detectors senses, that someone be coming in front of the door where the Ring doorbell is installed.

The Ring app is very user-friendly. When responding to a push notification from the doorbell, you have the option to answer or decline the call while viewing the visitor in front of your door, through the Ring’s wide-angle lens. Once you have answered the call, you are able to talk with the visitor through the Ring doorbell’s built-in speaker and microphone, with options to mute both from your end. If you decide to decline the call, the visitor is not given any indication that you have decided to do this.

The built-in motion detector of the Ring Doorbell system can be set-up to begin recording when motion of any kind is detected. The motion detector’s active zones can be set-up within a distance of 30 feet, so you should have no problem by setting the detector up to fit any kind area you have with your door.

The audio and video fidelity of the Ring doorbell system does a good job to filter background noise and light. If the Ring doorbell is installed anyplace near an average height, then the 720p, 180-degree field of view should be more than enough to catch anyone who is standing in front of your door. Improved night vision means that you will be able to see video clips in front of your door, even when it is dark.

Once you buy the Ring doorbell system, the mobile app is free, which is great. If you decide to get your doorbell camera through a traditional security provider, you should often pay for their monitoring services to have access to the specific doorbell app, no matter of whether you have paid off the hardware.

Considering a doorbell camera is useless without mobile app monitoring, it is a very good thing that the Ring doorbell system makes its app accessible – free of charge.


Best buy from Ring – The camera quality of Ring Wifi video doorbell

The image and audio quality of the Ring wifi video doorbell system works great. You can both hear and see everyone who is coming to the door with your Ring Doorbell system, which is what matters. And, of course, one of the best things about your Ring Video Doorbell system, is that you can talk to visitors.

Therefore, you are able to welcome your kids home from school or tell the postal worker to leave a package at your garage, instead of on the porch.

You have to be aware of that the Ring Video doorbell camera system can be a little slow at snapping motion-triggered images if your homes Wi-Fi connection is slow. If your wifi signal is weak, you can risk getting images of people leaving your front door, rather than arriving, which will make the doorbell camera a bit useless.

Therefore, be aware about your wifi signal when you are using The Ring Video Doorbell camera. If you really want this Ring wifi video doorbell, but your wifi connection is slow, you may have to consider getting a faster internet provider.

If you want to have the Ring Video Doorbell system it is recommended, that you have an internet speed of at least 1 Mbps for the best results. But you should consider a bit faster internet speed, because often housemates or family members will probably be watching multiple streams that requires an internet connection at the same time your doorbell cam is trying to perform video images for you.


Best buy from Ring – Additional Ring Wifi video doorbell app features

All the Ring Video Doorbell cameras have motion detection, and all of them let you manage how far you want the motion detection to reach. This is a good thing, if you don’t want a notification every time people passes by the street in front of your home, but only want to know when people is coming to your front door.

With the Ring video doorbell system you can easy select the motion detection zones, which makes it very simple to control how far your motion detection reaches. How far you want the detection zone is very individual, and some people want to know about every person who might enter their lawn, while others only prefer to know, when a person is arriving to your front door.

If you opt in for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro or Elite, you can actually draw the zones yourself instead of selecting preset zones.

I can recommend that you play around with the Ring app, where you also can find a “location” feature. With this location feature, you can see posts from other people in your neighborhood with Ring Video Doorbells, so if there is a rash of package thievery or car break-ins in your neighborhood, you will know about it.

This is a very good way to establish effective neighboring assistance, which is one of the most important issues, when you want to secure your property. You can read more about best home security – Click Here 


Best buy from Ring – Ring Wifi video doorbell integration

Ring wifi video doorbell don’t integrate with too many products right now, but you can add the Ring video doorbell as a “skill” to your Echo Show Device with the Amazon Alexa app. – You can read more about the Amazon Echo Show device – Click Here 

Be aware, that you can’t use the Echo Show device to talk through the Ring wifi video doorbell. If you want to talk with the person in front of your door, without opening the door, you still need to link up with your smart phone.

Ring is making some forays into the home security field, and the Ring wifi video doorbell does work as an integrated part of Ring’s overall security system.


Check out the quick video below to see the Ring Wifi Video Doorbell in action:

My conclusion about the Ring Wifi video doorbell review


  • Very easy to install- within minutes.
  • Motion detection if someone is within range of the doorbell.
  • Customizable motion detection zones.
  • Two way microphone.
  • Wide angle HD camera.
  • Night vision.
  • Easy app to use.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Easy installation.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Extra indoor siren available.
  • Available in Venetian bronze, satin nickel, polished brass, antique brass.
  • Lets you view, and speak with, anyone who presses your doorbell.
  • Wide-angle video with night vision.
  • Motion-detection feature sends video alerts when anyone steps to your door.



  • Sometimes there can be a bit lag time between doorbell presses and smartphone alerts.
  • Slow app performance and bad image quality if you have a slow working Wifi connection.
  • No video-on-demand (yet).

In my opinion the Ring wifi video doorbell is a visual great device. Functionally, it’s really good, and I like the app.

Once you have connected the Ring wifi video doorbell with your smartphone and installed it, you are ready to go. Another good thing is, that you have basically unlimited shared users, and it is easy to add them — you just need their email address.

If you live in a home with a big family, you don’t have to specify one person to watch the Ring doorbell camera, when someone arrives at your front door. Everyone in your family can access the camera, get notifications, and talk to visitors on the porch.

I like the Ring wifi video doorbell overall and I recommend that you hardwire the Ring wifi video doorbell camera so you can watch live feeds and don’t have to recharge a battery.

The Ring wifi video doorbell is definitely one of the most popular doorbell video camera for a reason. This product was the first mover doorbell video camera on the market.

Although the Ring wifi video doorbell does not have the same functionality as a full home alarm set up. As far as door bell video cameras go, The Ring wifi video doorbell is the better product on the market. You can see anyone who comes to your door at anytime of the day.

Further Ring wifi video doorbell is easy to install and have great functionality, and the product is well worth the price. With tens of thousands of positive Amazon customer reviews and a life-time warranty the Ring wifi video doorbell won’t disappoint you.

Check The Ring Wifi Video Doorbell and reviews at Amazon


Check The Ring Wifi Video Doorbell and reviews at Amazon