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What Is Amazon Echo Spot ? The Echo Spot Review

What Is Amazon Echo Spot - The Echo Spot Review
What Is Amazon Echo Spot - The Echo Spot Review

What is Amazon Echo Spot ? Echo Spot is Amazon’s latest smart speaker. The Echo Spot device comes with a touchscreen such as the Echo Show but Echo Spot is more compact and a lot more attractive in the design.

The Amazon Echo Spot gives you everything you love about the Amazon Alexa system, and further in an all-new stylish and compact design, which can show you the things, that you wish to know more about. Just ask Echo Spot to hear about the weather forecast, or get the news updates with a video flash briefing.

Furthermore, you can with Echo Spot set an alarm, see lyrics with Amazon Music, checking your calendar, browse the internet, and listen to Audible audio books, and more.

You can also personalize your Echo Spot device with a range of clock images to match your own design style or set up a photo background from Prime Photos. With Echo Spot you are also able to make calls to friends and family or make video calls to anyone with an Echo Spot, Echo Show, or the Alexa app on their smartphone.

The Echo Spot device is able to do the same kind of things, that the Echo speakers can, which means, that you can control your smart home devices with your voice, ask Echo Spot to tell you sport updates, news updates, weather forecasts, and streaming music via Spotify or Amazon Music, but the difference to the Echo speaker is, that the Echo Spot device also brings a visual element to some of the skills.

With the Echo device, you can call people, but with the Echo Spot device, you can make
make video calls, with Echo you can listen to the news updates on the speakers, but with Echo Spot you not only listen but also watch the news updates……… get the difference.

With the screen it makes the Echo Spot device more user-friendly. For example when you are shopping, it shows you what you can purchase. When you ask the Echo Spot for news or recipes, then you see text streams on the screen when available, or videos are played.

The Echo Spot device will also display the name of songs being played and so on. The screen on the Echo Spot device is touch-enabled, so you can swipe through items whenever it is required.


What Is Amazon Echo Spot – The design of Echo Spot

The primary advantage of the Echo Spot device in comparison with its bigger brother, the Echo Show, besides from the lower price, is its size and the design.

The Amazon Echo Spot is rather different in design from most other Echo devices. The Echo Spots curved shell gives it a much more modern design, than most of the other Echo devices.

If you have to place the Echo Dot device somewhere in the Echo design line-up, it is a mix between an Echo Dot and a smaller version of the Amazon Show device.

The Echo Dot device is rounded in its form and is about the size of a softball, with a part of the bottom carved off so you can put it on a flat area, and a part of the front cleaved away and replaced with a circular 2.5in, 480 x 480 resolution touchscreen and VGA camera.

Therefore, the Echo Spot device is a pretty compact device with a curved back and screen which is angled up, that makes it easy to view.

The Echo Spot is a very good-looking device, definitely a smart home device, that you won’t mind having as a design item in your home.


What Is Amazon Echo Spot – Features and setup of Echo Spot

The Echo Spot device is like a grown-up Echo Dot and has the perfect size to use on your table as a smart speakerphone-cum-intercom. The Echo Spot device is small and therefore the screen is also small, at 2.5 inches (480×480 pixels).

On top of the screen there is place for a camera and on the top of the Echo Spot device there are also three buttons, which all sit clean against the surface, and give the Echo Spot device a really streamlined appearance.

If you are familiar with the Echo assortment you will know that the buttons on the top are: volume up, down and mute for the mic – this will also turn off the camera. There are also four small pin-prick holes. These consist of the four-array mics that pay attention out for Alexas awake word.

On the back of Echo Spot you have a slot for power and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The speaker grill for the Echo Spot is right at the bottom of the Echo Spot device, which makes it invisible when looking at the Echo Spot from the front. Bluetooth functionality is also available as a feature.

Setup of Echo Spot is easy and very similar to other Echo devices. With Echo Spot you also have the option, that you can type in your Wi-Fi details straight on the touch-screen, instead of going through the Alexa app.

When the Echo Spot is up and running, you have the option to watch the Amazon’s promo video, which informs you what you can do with the Echo Spot device. The video is easy to understand, and it is worth viewing, so you get an idea about what you have just purchased and the features you can do with the Echo Spot device.

When you have connected the Echo Spot device, you get that warm chime sound, which indicates, that Alexa is up and running. You can read more about Amazon Alexa Click Here 

Does the round touchscreen improve your Alexa experience ? Well, much like the Echo Show, it displays stuff on the screen and allows you to connect with all kinds of things with the power of your index finger. You can access all of your device settings such as display brightness, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as watch the film or TV show through Amazon Prime Video.

You can also make and receive video and audio calls as well as view Amazon’s flash cards when you ask Alexa a question or receive song lyrics whenever you play your favorite music.

Alternatively, the Echo Spot device is ideally suited to the role of a smart alarm clock. When you are not asking the Echo Spot questions or carrying out video calls it shows a nice-looking clock face on the front, with 17 different styles to choose from, and when you wake up, the display scrolls through a series of news snippets, where you can ask it for more details about.

You can also set an alarm to wake you with a regular alarm tone or your choice of music or radio station.

Just like the other Echo devices, the Echo Spot also works well with a long list of smart home devices, from smart bulbs to thermostats and the Echo Spot screen means, that it is especially well-suited to smart security cameras, like for example the Nest IQ cam, which you can bring up the feed with a simple voice command.


Check out the quick video below to see what is Amazon Echo Spot in action:

Final verdict of the Echo Spot Review


  • Sharp designed and clear speaker for Alexa’s responses.
  • Bright display with large text that always shows the time.
  • Microphones pick up voice commands well.
  • Does all the things other Echo devices can do.


  • Not the best for serious music listening, but have audio jack and Bluetooth connection, that can link to better speakers.
  • Expensive relative to audio-only Echo devices or if you only want to use it as wake up alarm.

So my overall conclusion on my Amazon Echo Spot review is that the Echo Spot device is one of the more interesting Alexa-powered devices, that Amazon has released recently. The Ehco Spot is much better designed to fit into your smart home’s decor, than you see with the Echo Show and the round touchscreen adds valuable extra features.

If you are planning to buy a smart speaker, the Echo Spot is certainly a very good choice. The touchscreen makes it easier to trust and the video calling is also a feature that makes the Echo Spot device useful. The fact that it has an audio jack means that you can still make other speakers voice-enabled with the Echo Spot too.

And all that put together makes Amazons Echo Spot device a very good buy.

Check Amazon Echo Spot device and reviews at Amazon


Check Amazon Echo Spot device and reviews at Amazon