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What Is Smart Home Systems ? Here Are Some Useful Tips

What is smart home systems

What is a smart home ?

A Smart Home is a residence that provides the home-owners comfort, safety, energy effectiveness (lower costs) and comfort at all time of the day, regardless if you are home or not.


“Smart Home” is generally defined as a home that has devices, which can control things at home such as lighting effects, home heating, air conditioning, televisions, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems. All these features are in a smart home able to communicate with each other and can be managed from another location in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world, if just you have an internet connection.


Due to the latest technology development setting up your smart home features in your smart home is easier than ever, but due to these smart home feature, it is a very important factor to choose which smart home system to control your smart home devices and have them talking together.


Just a couple of years ago you would had to been quite technical to get your smart home system features connected to each other – but today some of the big companies are making you able to set-up a smart home system in your residence much easier.


If you Install smart features in your home, it will give your home different benefits — the same kind of benefits that, we have seen, that technology and personal computers have delivered to us over the past 30 years — efficiency, comfort, and savings of time, money and energy.


Another good thing about smart home products is that you don’t need to select a smart home system and have to stick with that specific smart home system. Smart home systems isn’t like iOS versus Android, or PC versus Mac, – you will be able to find smart home systems that works with multiple smart home systems and you’ll even find devices from one major platform that connect up and plays nicely with competing smart home systems.


Products that use the same protocol offer the ability to add products and hardware at the homeowners own pace and budget. The system can grow to meet the needs of a changing family as time goes on. All of these products can be selected from various manufacturers, preventing an expensive obsolescence or non-competitive pricing.


Companies such as Apple, Google, Nest and Amazon are all major players in the smart home industry now, and with their smart home systems and smart devices on hand, these smart home systems do not only controlling your connected technology easier, but also make your home automation much more easy.

What is smart home systems

What is smart home systems – Here are examples of smart home technologies:


Smart TV – These can connect to the internet to access content such as on-demand video and music by using applications. Some smart TVs also include voice for recognition.

Smart light systems – For example the Philips Hue system is able to be controlled from another location, getting personalized, and can identify when people are in a specific room and also adjust lighting as needed. Smart light-bulbs can also regulate themselves based on daylight availability.

Smart thermostats – These often come with integrated Wi-Fi, allowing the users to plan, monitor and remotely control home temperatures. These devices can also learn homeowners’ behaviors and automatically change settings to give the residents maximum comfort and efficiency. Smart thermostats are also able to report energy use and for example remind users to change filters, among other things.

Smart locks and garage-door openers – Using these smart home features users can grant or deny access to visitors. Smart locks can also detect when residents are near the home and unlock the doors for them.

Security cameras – Having this smart home function allows residents to monitor their homes when they are away or on vacation. Smart motion sensors are also able to recognize the difference between residents, visitors, pets and burglars, and can further inform authorities if it notices suspicious behavior in the home.

Pet care – This can be automated with connected feeders, further also houseplants and lawns can be watered by connected timers.

Kitchen equipment – With smart home devices you can have all sorts of smart kitchen equipment available, including smart coffee makers that can produce you a fresh cup of coffee as soon as your alarm wake you up in the morning – smart refrigerators that keep track of expiration dates, making shopping lists or even make recipes based on ingredients currently on hand in the refrigerator. In the washing room you also have smart washing machines with different features.

Household systems – These household systems can monitor your home in different ways, for example, feeling an electric increase in consumption and turn off devices, or you can have a smart system that sense water problems or freezing pipes and when this shows up, it can turn off the water, to avoid overflow in your home.

What is smart home systems

What is smart home systems – If you consider to start improving your home with smart home features, then these systems are some popular smart home devices:


Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa came up with the original Echo smart speaker. Sure, you will get the best Alexa experience if you use a local Echo speaker, but Alexa can also be used together with multiple other brands now – including leading players like Sonos.

The idea of the Alexa system is pretty simple – you ask the system questions or commands and hereby have Alexa to control the smart devices in your home, and Alexa will provide you with the information you need, or communicate with the connected devices.


Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is a software framework that is baked with Apples own software system iOS, and the idea is simple – instead of having a lot of different smart home apps on your smartphone that don’t always connect with each other, the Apple HomeKit brings all the apps together, offering a simple control front and put together your devices through your iPhone or Pad, where you also are able to use a voice feature via Siri, the voice control you know from the iPhone.


Google Assistant

This is Google’s answer to Amazons Alexa and was introduced with the Google Home speakers in 2017 and is increasing with devices built in-house. There are three Google
Home speakers on sale now with the Google Assistant technology – Regular, Mini and Max, and we have also seen speakers from brands like JBL, LG, Sony, Panasonic and Mobvoi announced, that can connect to the Google Assistant technologi.


Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings is an interesting little smart home system platform. In 2017 Samsung released its new hub, Samsung Connect Home, and also introduced an updated Connect Home app to help you manage all your devices in your home and easily set up new ones. Samsung SmartThings also acts as a related Wi-Fi system, with up to five Connect Home hubs, which can be placed around in your home.

The SmartThings Hub system has receivers for both Zigbee and Z-Wave and creates a wireless network to connect and communicate with all your smart home devices. There are
Samsung SmartThings devices for sale, but the platform is also open to other brands too.


Other smart home systems:

  • IFTTT.
  • Logitech.
  • Stringify.
  • Yonomi.

What is smart home systems – Summary of Smart home systems

I hope the above description answered the question – what is smart home systems ? One of the most obvious benefits of the smart home system is the automation which provide comfort and safety to the homeowners, allowing them to monitor their homes remotely, countering risks such as a forgotten coffee maker left on or a door in the home left unlocked.


Smart home systems are also beneficial for the older people, because the smart home system provide features to monitoring things, which that can help seniors to remain at home comfortably and safely, instead of moving to a nursing home or demanding 24/7 home care.


Further, smart home features can provide different user preferences. For example, as soon as you arrive home, your garage door will open, the lights will go on, your favorite music will
start playing on your smart speakers, and many more possibilities.


Home automation also helps the owners to improve the efficiency at your home. For example rather than leaving the air conditioning on all day, a smart home system can find out your habits and make sure the home is cooled down by the time you arrive to your home. The same goes for other automation devices such as energy, water, heating and other resources are used more efficiently, which helps you to save both money and natural resources.