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What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Here Are Some Useful Tips

What Is The Best Home Security Cameras
What Is The Best Home Security Cameras
What Is The Best Home Security Cameras
What Is The Best Home Security Cameras

We all want to feel safe in ours homes. The risk of break-ins gives us the need of security both for ourselves, but also the things, that we have in our homes.

Home security cameras are a very good way to give you some safety over potential burglars.

Home security cameras make sure that if anybody get into your home, you will have some options to find out who has breached into your home. With a home secure camera you have the option to provide video or pictures to the police and hereby increase the chance of finding the burglars (and your things).

With smart home security cameras, you also have the option of an instant notification if something is wrong, when you are out of your home, so you can contact the authorities much faster and perhaps catch the burglars, when they are in your home.

Another advantage of home security cameras is, that thieves will often avoid homes with security cameras, because of the increased risk of getting caught or identified, if they break into a home with home security cameras.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – What is your need for a home security camera

Before getting down with the specifics of a home securing camera, it is important, that you consider what you would like to get out of a home security camera.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you want to look at your lovely pet while you are at work or are you more interested in secure your home 24/7 ?
  • Would you like to have your home security camera to stay in one location or would you like the camera to be able to move around in your home ?
  • Do you need your home security camera to connect with an app ? Do you want to have access to your home security camera on your computer as well as on your smart phone ?
  • Do you need a high-resolution video feed or is it OK if the home security camera captures a simple standard-def clip or photo of a security occasion ?
  • If you are interested in saving video film, would you then prefer to use cloud storage or access your video locally (via a microSD card or a USB drive) ?
  • How much are you willing to pay for a home security camera ?
  • Do you want your home security camera to work with other devices in your home ?


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Types of Home Security Cameras

After you have considered the above questions and is trying to find out which kind of home security camera that suit your needs, you will also have to be aware of some main types of home security cameras:

Smart Home Security Cameras

Smart home security cameras are fairly new in the security camera industry, but is already now very popular. In addition to recording video, you are with smart home security cameras able to connect the video stream to an app, which allows you to see what the video records online.

If the camera detects a movement, you will receive a notice right away on your smartphone, so that you know if something is wrong in your home, long before you get back to your home.

Smart home security cameras are often more expensive than most other types of home security cameras, and sometimes also include a monthly payment in addition to the upfront cost. But with the extra features, the smart home security cameras also provide more and faster security, than you see with other types of security cameras.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are typical tube-shaped cameras, which point out in one specific direction. These cameras are often low in cost, but because their range is limited, you will often have to buy several of them to cover as much of your home as you feel is necessary. Bullet cameras are often used for entrances or at the front of your home.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras have a greater range than bullet cameras and often include the ability to move the focus of the camera or zoom in on a specific object. Dome cameras are typically more expensive than bullet cameras, but you will with this kind of camera get a more visual coverage with fewer cameras.

What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Factors to consider when shopping for a Home Security Camera

To find the home security camera that will best fulfill your needs, there are a number of important factors you will have to consider:

  • Range of View.
  • Interaction.
  • Video Quality.
  • The price.
  • Motion detection range.
  • Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Wired or Wireless.
  • Visibility.
  • Video Storage.
  • Option for audio.
  • User-friendly.
  • Simplicity of Installation.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Range of View

A camera’s range of view will determine how much the camera is able to view about what is going on in front of the camera. As mentioned before bullet cameras generally have a small range of view, and typically just let you see, what is directly in front of the camera, while dome cameras have a wider range of vision to work with.

If you want to be able to see more of your garden, the front of your home or the rooms in your home, then you will either need a security camera with a large range of vision, or you will have to buy a number of security cameras with a smaller range of view that you can spread around in your home.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Interaction

What makes smart home security cameras so popular is the possibility of making online interaction with the security cameras even when you are away from your home. Home
security cameras with strong connectivity will associate with your homes WiFi router, your smartphone application, and connect with the other cameras you install.

The more connected your cameras are, the more you will be able to find out what is going on, when you are away from your home, and you will also be able to react faster regarding risks you discover in your home.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Video Quality

One of the biggest factors when choosing home security cameras is the video quality. If the image is unclear, it won’t be of much help to you, when identifying objects. Home security cameras which provide sharp image quality often cost more, but this will also increase your chances of being able to see how a burglar looks like, so it increases the changes to catch the thief.

Another important factor to the video quality is the color. Some home security cameras come in black and white color, while some more expensive models come in color. Color isn’t always necessary to be able to identify a person on video, but color does increase the chances that the criminal will be recognized and caught by the police.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – The price

Of course many people will also look at the price when choosing home security camera. Home security cameras will typical range in price from around $25 for simple indoor home security cameras to over $300 for weatherproof outdoor home security cameras that include a lot of features.

Another important consideration to keep in mind when it comes to the price of the smart home security systems is if the purchase of the camera system require a monthly payment fee in order to get all the security systems features. If you buy a home security system without noticing a monthly payment required, then the total price will easily end up being far more than you at first expected (and a lot of people buying home security cameras don’t are aware of this).

Therefore, make sure that you check, if there are any subscription fees related with the purchase of the home security system, before you make your final decision of what home security system you want to purchase.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Motion detection range

Most home security cameras use motion detection to figure out when to activate and start recording (so the camera is not just spending energy power all day long). How good this motion detection range feature will work relates to what the range of the motion detection is.

If the range is limited, the motion detection will only catch people that are relatively close to the camera. So be aware of your need for how close you want an object to be near the camera before it starts recording.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Indoor or Outdoor

You can find home security cameras that are either primarily to be used indoors or outdoors.
Before you make a purchase of your home security cameras it is important to decide, where you want to install your camera, so you can make sure to buy the right type of camera.

The reason is that an indoor camera installed outdoors will typical not last a very long time, and on the other hand an outdoor camera installed indoors will cost you more than you needed to spend, because an outdoor camera typical have a lot of features that you don’t need indoor, such as water and temperature protection.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Wired or Wireless

An important factor for your home security cameras convenience is whether you want the camera to be a wireless camera which runs on batteries or a wired camera, where you
have the camera to be plugged in.

A wireless camera means that you have more flexibility in where you set up your home security camera and you don’t have to take care of any annoying cables, but it is important that you remember to check and replace the battery, when it is needed.

Another advantage of wireless cameras is that the security camera will continue to work
in case of a power failure, as long as the batteries still work. Most people will therefore find a wireless home security camera preferred to use.

A wired camera has to be set up close enough to an outlet to be plugged in and you will need to find out how to keep the cable out of the way after you install it. It is also important to hide the cable, because if a burglar notice the camera and can see the cable, it is pretty simple to unplug it.

On the other hand, you will never have to worry about replacing or recharging batteries, when you have a wired camera.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Visibility

Some home security cameras are designed to be difficult for possible thieves to identify. Whether it is due to a small size or because they are designed to appear like a typical object instead of a home security camera.

This kind of security cameras, won’t do anything to serve as a obstruction to potential burglars, and because the camera is less likely to be noticed, you don’t have to worry if the thieve try to avoid the camera’s view or covering the camera up.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Video Storage

Any video that your home security camera records will need to be stored someplace. If you buy a home security camera that records high-quality video, each video can take up a lot of storage space.

Some security cameras come with memory cards that will store the videos taken, but with this kind of security cameras you need to remember to delete old videos or replace full memory cards with new ones.

Other security cameras will include a hard disk or allow you to store the video on your own computer hard disk. This kind of feature makes the storage more easy and you won’t have to worry about the hard disk to be filled up as fast as a memory card.

Many of the new smart home security cameras offer the feature of cloud-based storage. This is often where a monthly subscription price come into play. In exchange for this extra monthly fee, you don’t have to worry about going over your storage limits and you are always able to access the video recording when you need it.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Option for audio

Some home security cameras don’t record sound at all. So if it is important for you, that the cameras record the videos with audio, you have to be aware of looking for a security camera with this feature.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – User-friendly

Any type of technology is going to require a bit of figuring out how it will work after you buy it. All home security camera companies try to make the installation user-friendly, and some home security cameras will be easier to use and set up than others and specific features will provide a lot of how easy the home camera system is to manage.

Choosing a home security camera system that is wireless will usually make the setup and placement easier, but you will have to remember to replace the batteries regularly. A home security camera system that uses cloud storage will simplify how much work you will have to do when it comes to checking on and replacing video storage. And for smart home security cameras, a user-friendly app will make a big difference in how user-friendly you will find using your home security system.

Another important thing to look for beside the features for comfort, is to look for what other customers have to say in their reviews of a specific home security camera system. If a home security systems app is difficult to navigate with or accessing the systems video’s is difficult, then customer reviews will generally let you know.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Simplicity of Installation

Wired home security cameras can risk requiring a complicated installation process that calls for a professional, while wireless installations are often more straight forward to install on your own.

As with user-friendly features, people often comment on how easy or difficult an installation of a home security camera is in their reviews. So if you don’t want to have problems with the installation, then check the reviews of the specific home security system before you purchase the system.

What Is The Best Home Security Cameras
What Is The Best Home Security Cameras

What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Features and Extras:

The home security cameras can come with different functions and features and some of the most common are listed below:

  • Mobile App — Smart home security cameras will typically include an app, that you will use to control and view your video stream if you are away from your home, and receive notifications if there is a problem in your home.
  • Live Streaming — A livestreaming option can let you see in real-time what is happening in your home.
  • Night vision — Cameras that offer night vision will make it easier for you to see what is going on in a video at nighttime.
  • Motion Detection — Motion detection make sure that your security camera does not consume energy and use storage by recording all the time. The recording only starts
    when motion detector makes it obvious that someting needs to be recorded.
  • Image Stabilization — A security camera that offers image stabilization will lead to a sharper image.


What Is The Best Home Security Cameras – Final Thoughts

Home security cameras are not just about purchasing a product, it is an investment for long-term comfort and security in your own home. In addition to offering you security, a home security system can also potentially save you a lot of money by helping you to get back stolen items.

Hopefully, it will never happen to you, but safety is a good thing in our daily life.